Open for remote virtual live feed online during shelter-in-place!

Beat the Lock Escape Room

OPEN for remote virtual live feed online!

REMOTE LIVE FEED available during shelter-in-place

Be together - apart! Link up, synchronize remotely and solve a live escape room with a remote virtual live feed! Connect with your family, friends and coworkers. A new experience from Beat the Lock Escape Room!

You are Mission Control.

The game master is one of your operatives trapped in the actual room.

Can you save them in 60 minutes?  

Whether you are across the country or in the same town, enjoy the same great live escape room experience together without leaving your home!

Escape Room Themes

The Spy Room, Secrets in the Attic, and our latest room External Forces *NEW!*

Kids Rooms also available: Kids Spy Room, Kids Secrets in the Attic, and Kids External Forces.


Adult rooms: minimum 5 tickets to play.

Kids rooms: minimum 6 tickets to play.

Maximum 10 tickets/room.

Multiple rooms available for large parties 20-100+ run simultaneously or back-to-back.

Everyone needs a ticket to participate.

All remote live feed rooms will be private to your party.

Team Building Reservations & Quote

Multiple rooms are available for team building with large groups - 50 run simultaneously in 5 rooms, 100+ run back-to-back same day or multiple days. For remote live feed availability and quote, please email

Introductory Price - Standard Ticket with Promo Code

For adult rooms, enter promo code CONNECT10 prior to checkout and receive $10 off the regular $30 ticket price!  

For kids rooms, enter promo code KIDSCONNECT15 prior to checkout and receive $15 off the regular $30 ticket price!

Promo codes during this introductory offer are valid on standard tickets for remote virtual live feed only, and expire on April 7, 2020.